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Britannia logo Britannia specialise in providing kitchen ventilation solutions and providing a complete service from design through to installation. Britannia offers the Ultrastream range of canopies, which use UV Filtration to provide secondary grease destruction and odour removal.

Britannia Kitchen Ventilation Profile

Emcel logo Emcel, with 55 years in the air filtration industry, manufacture standard & custom-designed filter elements & housing units. Emcel's products include dust & particle filters, & carbon filters to remove odours, gas & chemical vapours & safe-change containment.

Emcel Filters Profile

Halton Foodservice logo Halton Foodservice offers products, systems & services that provide comfortable, energy efficient & safe commercial kitchens for chefs & facility owners alike. Specialising in indoor climate solutions, Halton's aim is to create kitchens that have a sustainable life cycle.

Halton Foodservice Profile

Trox logo TROX is the technological leader in the development, manufacture & marketing of components & systems for air conditioning & ventilation. TROX's air filters are designed with the aim of providing clean air, protecting equipment & making indoor environments comfortable.

TROX Profile

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