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Advanced Air logo Advanced Air has over 37 years experience in providing the air conditioning & construction industries with practical, no-nonsense air control & distribution products. They manufacture a range active & passive chilled beams including multi service chilled beams.

Advanced Air Profile

Flakt Woods logo Fläkt Woods is a global leader in air management, who design & manufacture systems for air treatment, diffusion and ventilation. Fläkt Woods Flexicool® chilled beam units operate through passive action & active induction for integrated & exposed installations.

Flakt Woods Profile

Frenger logo Frenger is experienced in the design, development and manufacture of heating and cooling systems. Frenger have developed a range of chilled beams including passive chilled, active chilled and multi-service chilled beam systems.

Frenger Systems Profile

System Air logo Systemair has a broad range of energy-efficient ventilation products & solutions for Comfort & Safety ventilation. Systemair’s Cirrus range of chilled beams integrates ventilation, heating & cooling by directing the air to create low velocities in the occupied zone.

Systemair Profile

TROX logo TROX is the technological leader in the development, manufacture & marketing of components & systems for air conditioning & ventilation. TROX Design Bureau’s customised Multi-Service Chilled Beams (MSCBs) offer an alternative to suspended ceilings.

TROX Profile

Waterloo Air Products logo Waterloo Air Products are the UK's leading manufacturer of ventilation grilles, diffusers, weather louvres, VAV systems, plenum boxes & chilled beams. Waterloo's ABM Series Active Chilled Beams is a compact ceiling or surface mounted unit for heating & cooling.

Waterloo Air Products Profile

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